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She was here.' December 15, 2009: But I used to look at her hand and think, it. he was fussy at all. I praise Kurt Kuenne for having the heart and determination to perfectly put together one of the most powerful documentaries I have ever watched. kate-and-david-bagby-now-pdf 2/27 Downloaded from on July 22, 2022 by guest the recent London bombings to Law and Order type crimes that make the news only to be replaced by another name.As such, more people are left with the aftermath of dealing with the violent death of a loved one. The Bagbys, who recently marked their 50th wedding anniversary, say it sustained them for nearly a decade as they struggled to come to terms first with the 2001 slaying of their 28-year-old son, Dr. Andrew Bagby, and later with the murder of Andrew's son, 13 . David and Kate Bagby channeled their grief & anguish into changing some Canadian laws. GARDNER: (Audio recording) I'm interested in the gun. "Go into this cold and be prepared for a life-changing experience. It's said there's nothing worse than the death of your child, and this film drives that point home harder and with the utmost care and precision." quiet. It, (Photo of Shirley; Shirley, Zachary and David; photos of Shirley and Zachary). KATE: I thought, `Well, God, this is it.' prayed that his murderer, whoever it was, would be swiftly brought to justice. Memorial University Medical School. They are simply good people. The apparent culprit was a woman named Shirley Turner, whom Bagby had dated but had broken up with on November 4th, in Latrobe, just before putting her on a plane to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where she lived at the time. It brings its own special brand of. Couldn't be her. Kate Bagby feels her son was too trusting to agree to meet Turner at the park the day he was killed. And I know, you love me, and--yeah. MORRISON: What did you think when you heard that? Because this is foreshadowing. We couldn't let the authorities who let this happen get away with it. Mr. BAGBY: The police didn't give us very much information, but they started. They began a drawn-out court battle to protect their grandson from the woman who had almost certainly murdered their son. I had a son I used, (Photo of young Kate; photo of Kate and David; photo of Kate and Andrew), KATE: And then suddenly you're in the pits, and then you have to learn that, MORRISON: Two weeks after Zachary's murder, the press covered a, Mr. BAGBY: (Press conference) We believe that the legal system helped her to, MORRISON: Charging the child protection authorities dropped the, ball, and that a disastrous bail system allowed a probable first-degree, (Zachary; court document; Shirley and Andrew). -, "Some of the week's biggest flicks aren't at Sundancefilmmakers have praised Slamdance film. MORRISON: Shirley Turner, also a doctor in training, was 12 years older than Andrew, twice divorced, a mother of three. This is not the worst instance in this story of someone seeing something bad coming but not being able to stop it. Man #14: I admire you and respect you so much for two things. I said, `When do you think you'll be done?' Well, I said, `Bring some beer. Mr. BAGBY: (Audio recording) Just got up. (Canadian flags; Newfoundland; lake and coast; man in coat; photos of Shirley, and Zachary; Kate, David and Zachary; Shirley, Kate and Zachary; Supreme Court, building; photos of David, Kate, Zachary and Shirley), Mr. BAGBY: Dealing with Turner was like, I don't know, walking around with. Mr. BAGBY: She told the court she was afraid we would harm the baby. It would take two weeks. In November 2002, when, Zachary was four months old, a Canadian judge ruled that a properly instructed, jury would likely find Shirley Turner guilty and ordered her incarceration, while awaiting a decision from justice officials to surrender her to the, United States. How do you represent anguish of that magnitude without turning it into a Greek tragedy? Ad Choices. Bill C-464 was introduced in the House of Commons on October 22, 2009, passed the House of Commons unanimously on March 22nd of this year and passed the Senate of Canada last Thursday, December 9th, where it was sponsored by Senator Tommy Banks of Alberta. You will cry. You can't tell them this over the phone. Welcome back toCold Comforts, a recurring column in which Soraya Roberts writes about the grim, harrowing, and downright bizarre movies and television shows that she nevertheless cant stop watching, over and over again. Andrew was found dead Nov. 5, 2001 in a state park just outside Latrobe, PA, where he was a resident in the local hospitals family medicine programme. MORRISON: When you did find out that she was pregnant, what was your thought? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement and Your California Privacy Rights. in honor of his beloved friend Andrew, and then for Andrew's son, Zachary. How dreadful the knowledge of the truth can be, wrote Sophocles, when theres no help in truth.. But a few weeks later, she showed up in Pennsylvania, unexpected, for the wedding of one of his friends. One of the first to meet Zachary was, (Photo of Zachary Turner; wedding dance; photo of Shirley and Zachary; photo. whose parents are charged with a violent crime. Senior Writer and Project Manager. ', MORRISON: But they'd have to wait almost a month. He'd been shot five times, including once in the back of the head, execution style. After Zacharys death, the Bagbys began a quest to have Canadas bail laws changed. The memory of their son and grandson are never far.. Turner shot Bagby two days after he broke up with her at a Pennsylvania airport as she was set to fly back to Iowa. Read the DocuWeek Q&A with writer/director/composer Kurt Kuenne HERE. Some of, those frames even at the dollar stores will say--there'll be little sayings on, Ms. TURNER: (Audio recording) if you want to say `Mommy and Daddy' on a. frame and stick a picture of me and Andrew in it, I don't know. I'm just curious Ms. TURNER: (Audio recording) Yeah, and I wanted to know for safety. We had negotiated a one-hour-a-week visitation in family court. Thought that maybe he had found somebody that he could really be happy with. MORRISON: But as Kurt made his way around the globe, his tribute materialized into something far bigger, and much darker, than anyone could have imagined. On December 4, 2009, Bill C-464 (our bail reform bill) was discussed on the floor of the House of Commons for a full hour, and MP Scott Andrews received unanimous support from all political parties in the House of Commons to advance the bill to the Standing Committee on Justice & Human Rights. KATE: And she went over in the corner crying, and I gave him back. I sat there. Andrew assured his filmmaker friend Kurt that the 40-year-old was a passing fancy. Six-month-old Zachary was, returned to her. Mr. KUENNE: I vowed to collect every memory for you before they, MORRISON: As for Andrew's parents, David and Kate, they were, (Graduation photo of Andrew, Kate and David; Shirley with child). Turner killed herself and Zachary before she could be tried for murder. Photo courtesy of David and Kathleen Bagby, dear zachary a letter to a son about his father, Defector Freelancer Policies, Created In Partnership With The National Writers Union. I had a husband I loved. Based on the title alone, it sounds like one of those saccharine documentaries that only the filmmaker and the subject would ever really care about. I cannot stress this enough: this movie frightened and disturbed me more than any horror film I've ever seen in my life. put Zachary on her lap to open presents, and he resists. David Bagby wrote Dance with the Devil: A Memoir of Murder and Loss, a best-seller in Canada in 2007, about his family's ordeal. I--we both did. Serious crime is rare in this country. An abridged version of "Dear Zachary" will premiere on CBC Newsworld in Canada on Sunday, October 25th at 10 PM ET/PT. It then played SXSW in Austin, Texas, where it left audiences stunned and in tears. MORRISON: In Kurt Kuenne's documentary, Clark Simpson, one of Andrew's close friends at the hospital, remembers that November morning just two weeks later when Shirley surprised Andrew again. Then, upon. This is how Kuenne represents his emotion at hearing the news that the woman who killed his friend had also killed his friends son. MP Andrews was spurred on to the creation of this bill after seeing "Dear Zachary" at a March screening in Ottawa to which all Members of Parliament were invited. It's great. ', Mr. SHEARS: Things happen in America that don't seem to happen up here as. Had the case played out in the U.S. court system, they believe Zachary would still be with them. This marks the first time in history an MP from Newfoundland has been able to get a private member's bill through Parliament; since 2001, 2,510 Private Member's Bills have been introduced in the House of Commons, but only 23 - less than 1% - have received Royal Assent. MORRISON: It was November 2001 when Dr. Andrew Bagby, 28 years old, was found in hospital scrubs lying facedown in the state park in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. Both screenings were sold out and received sustained standing ovations, an exceptionally rare event in the 14 year history of Slamdance. MORRISON: But would that somebody turn out to be a blessing or a curse? Ms. TURNER: (Audio recording) I know you don't want to, you don't intend to. MORRISON: Even more, the Bagbys' gloom was mixed with worry. It was all incorrect from the beginning, that all this, innocence and everything she's told you was a lie. MORRISON: And go she did, back to Newfoundland, Canada. Mr. KUENNE: I think he was a little scared of me when I first came up. December 4, 2008: Instead, the films dramatic nodes are scenes such as the one in which Bagbys parents, David and Kate, recall going to identify their sons body. Dear Zachary has been announced as the first film to launch the newly formed MSNBC Films division of MSNBC. MORRISON: But was that what you assumed had happened? You are born, you grow up, you make friends, you get a job, a partner, a house, maybe a car, maybe a kid, maybe more. An autopsy report would show that an anti-anxiety drug, prescribed by the very psychiatrist who put up Shirley's bail money had been, mixed into Zachary's formula. My TV-consumption habits for the past several months have been awash in murder, and Netflix knows itwhich is how, fresh from binge-watching Making a Murderer and hungry for more, I recently came across Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father. This odd documentarywhich deals with the death of a young physician named Andrew Bagby, who was a childhood friend of the films director, Kurt Kuennemade a small splash when it was first released, in 2008, but its worth revisiting now, in the midst of the recent bonanza of true-crime hits. -, "This documentary will rip out your heart and leave you in the snow without a sweater. For the Bagbys, shock might have, (Photo of David and Zachary; photo of Kate and Zachary; Shirley being escorted, from court; court documents; court exterior; court documents; Kate and David), KATE: I'd sat in the back of the room while Judge Green said to her, `I'm so, sorry, Dr. Turner, your life is on hold, and I know the law is slow.' 1 suspect was his estranged girlfriend, Shirley Turner, also a medical doctor, who was raised in western Newfoundland and was then practicing in Iowa. Ms. TURNER: (Audio recording) Well, I have that for protection. May 16, 2008: I, was like, `Hi, buddy.' MORRISON: The Bagbys said that Shirley would later apologize for, her reaction. Mr. KURT KUENNE (Director): I decided to go on the road to interview people, because I thought, you know, he's never going to have a wedding. He was in, Mr. SHEARS: I would cook supper sometimes when she wasn't around. It comes down to probable cause, the right to bail and the presumption of innocence. It didn't clue in, MORRISON: T.J. says while he was touched that she'd shown up at, the hospital, he was also a little surprised. Its not the sort of true crime that leaves you wanting more. get a chance to have some of Andrew again. What kind of headfuck must that be? In initial questioning, Turner claimed to have been home sick in Iowa when Bagby was shot, but cell-phone records showed her placing calls along the thousand-mile highway route between Council Bluffs and Latrobe in the days before and after the murder. We urge everyone to write your MP (if Canadian) or the Attorney General of Canada (if not) urging them to support MP Andrews and his bill as it moves toward a vote in the near future. And we, would have agreed to anything. January 28, 2008: Mr. BAGBY: Without those cell phone records, they couldn't formally charge. GARDNER: (Audio recording) I have to tell you that Andrew is dead. So I gave her the. MORRISON: Andrew's best friend, filmmaker Kurt Kuenne, suddenly, just knew what he had begun as a small film to memorialize his old friend. Dear Zachary was a hit at Slamdance! The pair planned to take care of the minutiae of dealing with a lost loved one, fly back to California and kill themselves. Bring lots of kleenex and prepare to be equally angry and emotionally drained as you watch real, so-called justice in action. The Hornet was just back from patrolling . Shirley. All rights reserved, Click here for information on becoming a member. Right? Either she's grabbed Zachary and taken off and she's trying to, escape, and she has a snowball's chance in hell of getting away with that. HEATHER: I was so excited that he was dating somebody. dropping Shirley and their grandboy off at her son T.J.'s home (Photo of Zachary sleeping in car seat; streets passing), KATE: She said, `Wake up, Zachary and say goodbye to your grandparents.'. After the pregnancy came to light, the film became a way to introduce Zachary to his father. I had lovely family. Dear Zachary recently won the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Best Documentary of 2008 from the Society of Professional Journalists. ', KATE: He's so loved. In that time, it also becomes clear that Andrews fate is in danger of also becoming his sons. Zachary didn't seem like. Troutman Funeral Home is assisting the Bagby family. The next, hearing in the extradition process was set for September, at which time they. MORRISON: And tell me about your mum with Zachary. April 14, 2009: Blu-ray: David R. Bagby Born: July 2, 1957 in Joliet, IL Died: January 5, 2022 in Statesville, NC David R. Bagby, 64 of Statesville, NC and formerly of Streator passed away Wednesday (January 5,. Mr. DAVID BAGBY: I threw the phone at the desk, and I jumped up and just screamed, `No! They might as well have sent a taxi to her to help take him out and drown him. He said, `What do you mean?' Help contribute to IMDb. He seems to be talking about the unfathomable grief Shirley Jane Turner left behind. Cpl. This couple have endured more grief and pain that most people will endure in a lifetime. You take it with you, but you move on, said David. Are you having a good day with grandmom and. Thought, you know, `Who would want to kill him?'. This film will be one of the best you're likely to see this year." would be the difference if one person weren't alive? Bill C-464 when enacted will justify detention in custody for a person accused of a serious crime who is a potential danger to their own minor children. They quit their jobs and moved from California to Newfoundland. The bill has added an amendment to Canada's criminal code giving courts the right to refuse bail to someone charged with a serious crime who is deemed a potential danger to children under the age of 18. MORRISON: It was almost two years after Andrew Bagby's murder, when Shirley Turner's eldest son T.J. drove home to his girlfriend after an. -. Purchase the book here: Amazon USA | Amazon Canada, To read more reviews, visit our Press Archive, ZACHARY'S BILL (BILL C-464) BECOMES LAW IN CANADA, (Click HERE to read a letter to viewers from David & Kate Bagby.). Click HERE for ticket information. June 25, 2008: Amending Canada's bail code was my goal in releasing "Dear Zachary" publicly; it is my pleasure to announce that goal is now a reality. MORRISON: And then, in the spring of 1995, Andrew found someone, a Newfoundlander, also a doctor in training, a woman named Shirley Turner. He travelled across the country, and to England, to collect these reminiscences, which reveal Bagby to be a caring physician and a beloved and charismatic goofball. Such choices make for a disorienting viewing experience, especially if youre accustomed to the conventions of slicker documentaries. On Monday, March 22, 2010, the House of Commons in Ottawa unanimously passed Bill C-464 - An Act to Amend the Criminal Code (justification for detention in custody). Mr. SHEARS: She's kind of reliving a university life again. Not too long ago? with a supervisor, and we had to be searched. MORRISON: Andrew tried to make a clean break with Shirley in October 2001. David remembers uttering, "It's really him," and recalls how the two cried over the body, tears falling on to Andrew's face. Schultz quotes the brother of Hae Min Lee, the victim of the murder at the center of the first season of Serial, responding, on Reddit, to the surge of interest in the case: I wont be answering any questions because . Mr. BAGBY: We were out shopping or something. It would be kind of upsetting, I guess, to let your son spend time. He said, `What can happen?'. The news and opinions youll love for only $10 for 1 year. Information on who and where to write can be found on the "Support Bail Reform" page. get in there, if that's what she demanded. Keith Morrison reports. He was the whole world to them. The only thing about his life that didn't make sense to some friends and family was his relationship with that doctor from Newfoundland, the one he'd started dating when going to medical school there. decision. KATE: I sat there and bit my lip and cried. She was, pregnant, and the baby was Andrew's. One of those forgettable pieces of solipsistic pseudo-art that is essentially just a scrapbook that was released to the public and then everyone just said it was good because no one wanted to hurt anyones feelings. -, "It's Kate and David Bagby who are the moral center of this film. Both screenings received sustained standing ovations, and the Toronto audience applauded yet again when director Kurt Kuenne announced that he had sent letters to every member of Parliament requesting the opportunity to screen the film for them. Djing. Even during his stilted summaries of events, you can sometimes hear Kuenne choking up. Believing that even where there is evil, there is also a tremendous amount of good." Only Kate and David, MORRISON: Perhaps the most irksome part of the deal with Shirley. will not hurt Zachary, period. Shirley Turner had some startling news. If you were waiting to find out where exactly the comfort was in this litany of suffering, it is in Bagbys parents. Dear Zachary has been acquired for theatrical release and DVD distribution by the newly formed Oscilloscope Pictures, and will be released in New York on October 31st, and in Los Angeles and Chicago on November 7th. Mr. BAGBY: He's now engaged to this lovely girl, and he's going to go to med school. March 18, 2008: I, Mr. BAGBY: (Audio recording) Look, we will do what is best for Zachary. Shirley. T.J. and his girlfriend went to bed. When Bagby said he was going to anyway, Simpson asked him to come to his house right after. GARDNER: (Audio recording) Would you be willing to turn the gun into your local police department so they could get it to us to let us look at it? I was like, `Oh, OK, yeah.' They were good friends; it was he who Bagby had told about the fatal meeting with Turner beforehand. Hoping to gain custody of the child, the Bagbys moved to Newfoundland. Dance with the Devil: A Memoir of Murder and Loss: And as tragic as this story is, that is also where its consolation lies: that Shirley Jane Turner destroyed everything around her in an attempt to extinguish the love she was incapable of experiencing herself, and in the end she couldnt. On the 5th, however, Turner appeared back in Latrobe. ', MORRISON: When Dr. Andrew Bagby's bullet-riddled corpse was, found in a Pennsylvania state park in November 2001, his devastated parents. STORY CONTINUES BELOW THESE SALTWIRE VIDEOS. Bagby came from Sunnyvale, California, and was the son of Kathleen Daphne Bagby ( ne Barnard), a registered nurse and midwife from Chatham, England, United Kingdom; and David Franklin Bagby, an American former United States Navy serviceman and computer engineer. They are the opposite of Shirley Jane Turner. Someone found a car that didn't belong. Kuenne finished his documentary and dedicated it to the memories of both Bagby and Zachary. September 28, 2008: Parents Kate and David Bagby's story of identifying Andrew's body is devastating. Information on who and where to write can be found by going to the "Support Bail Reform" page. Ms. TURNER: (Audio recording) His parents don't even know, do they? This film was no longer a letter to you, Unidentified Man #23: Well, everybody always says, well, what. It also recently won Best Documentary at the Orlando Film Festival and the Audience Award at the St. Louis International Film Festival. The Bagbys have done their best to resume life in California. ', KATE: (Audio recording) Yeah. Mr. BAGBY: She just kept coming back, and coming back and coming back. Newfoundlanders tend to trust each other, perhaps it's because, generally, With a skilled lawyer on hand to do Shirley Turner's bidding, the. A security guard reported hearing a. Mr. SHEARS: When we woke up in the morning, realized they weren't there. Mr. BAGBY: We first got to see him personally in family court. It stays so close to Bagby and to the people who loved him that theres never any question that its their side of the story being recounted. And in that time, the Canadian justice system does nothing. IMDbPro Starmeter. And the comfort they personify can be found in the fact that even in the face of Shirley Jane Turner, they not only continue, they remain good while continuing. hoped Shirley Turner would be returned to the US to face a murder trial. When Kate reached down to wipe one away, she accidentally knocked out the plug used to mask his facial wound. MORRISON: When somebody tells you that your mother may have--was a suspect Mr. SHEARS: No, it has to be a mistake. A huge chunk of the remainder of Dear Zachary is the Canadian justice system treating the Bagbys like common criminals while the actual criminal is given a breathtaking amount of freedom. The New Yorker may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers.

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