1 . A free, community made, and open source ecosystem of Escape from Tarkov tools and guides. The checkpoint is also a good reference point on the map and a safe area for scav players. If you happen to find a key, hold on to it. Clear editor. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Therapist (21/08/05 28,350). The easternmost region of the map is heavily wooded to the north with the gas station and the sub-station being the only significant man-made areas. Reshala, on the other hand, will do the opposite. 2023 BATTLESTATE GAMES. Head into the grassy corner area with trees to the left of the buses to reach the extract point. The central area of the map contains the dorms to the north with the factory shacks and warehouse 17 to the south. The trailer park on the southern end has a bus. If you go in through the fence, you will end up in a bottleneck that is often near a couple of scav patrol routes, use one of the other entrances to the site instead. potatoegghead Finally, on the south-east end of the site are a pair of inaccessible distillation towers where a scav sniper can spawn. Obtain 1 Dorm room 303 key Obtain 1 ZB-014 key Obtain 1 Military checkpoint key Obtain 1 Gas station storage room key Hand over 1 Dorm room 303 key Hand over 1 ZB-014 key Hand over 1 Customs military checkpoint key Hand over 1 Gas station storage room key Therapist Rep +0.25 This quest is activated after completing Chemical - Part 4 or Big . Everything you need to know about Customs. You need a key to get inside of the building, but the cars around the checkpoint can have some medicine and loose loot. Find the river from the main section of the map and follow it right to reach this spot. This guide will outline the different areas of interest, the boss, some popular loot spots, keys, and the available extraction points. If the light is on, the extraction point is open and active. Smugglers Boat wont be available in every game you play. And the real reason why people do quest is for the kappa container not the rep. Typically he will stay well behind his guards and try to attack players while hidden from view. To get into the two-story dorms, you can enter using the stairs to the second floor on the side of the building. If you spawn on the Customs side of the map, do not run straight up the road. Be sure to search the vehicles in and around the station as they can have some loose loot. Just follow the road along until you reach the corner with a gate that says STOP and a truck outside. To the northeast of the gas station is an electrical sub-station. 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The storage room in the gas station has a medbag and medcase. By New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. There is also the main road running across the whole map from the northwesternmost point of the Customs side to the easternmost point of the Boiler side. The sniper scavs can be used to complete The Tarkov Shooter questline as they tend to be more numerous and spawn fairly frequently. The followers are very aggressive, but they tend to stick close together. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. This key unlocks the door at the end of the main road on Customs for the military checkpoint. 4. The Warehouses have a lot of loose loot and some weapon crates but have several scavs patrolling the area. The sniper scavs are the only real problematic ones aside from the boss and his followers. The areas between the buildings are easy chokepoints for both players and scavs, so be very careful when moving between them. Started December 28, 2022, 2023 BATTLESTATE GAMES. Military Checkpoint Loot: . r/TwoSentenceHorror She looked across the room frightened and said, "My family was living in Ruston, Louisiana in 1947 when my brother and three of his friends tied this poor black kid to a barbed-wire fence and took turns beating him, because I lied and told them he whistled at me." Customs is a popular map, and Reshala and his gang are part of a quest and have some excellent loot. x 1 Military checkpoint key. The quest is given to you by Elvira Khabibullina, known by her alias "Therapist". The guards typically carry modified AKs with a variety of ammo. It is necessary if you are going for kappa container. These dorms are the location of many Quests and unlockable rooms. On the north end of the construction site are factory shacks that can have some loose loot in them. Youre in a world of hurt if you dont know the Customs map extraction points. If you cross the river from the southern land bridge, you will come across the RUAF roadblock. The guard desk key unlocks the room in the front of the building by the couch with the duffel bag. Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitter, Key to the closed premises of the Health Resort, Health Resort management warehouse safe key, Health Resort east wing office room 107 key, Health Resort east wing office room 108 key, Health Resort west wing office room 104 key, Health Resort west wing office room 112 key, Health Resort west wing room 321 safe key, Health Resort office key with a blue tape, TerraGroup Labs manager's office room key, Car dealership director's office room key, Unlocks the door at the military checkpoint tower on, Only 4 can be held in your PMC inventory at one time. Another scav sniper spawns on top of one of the two distillation towers on the southern side of the map. Video guide on where to find the \"Checkpoint\" key for the military checkpoint building on Customs. here. There are several spawn points along the road that other players will target, hoping for a quick kill, head to the storage area instead. A key to the military base checkpoint gatehouse. Once you enter the bus, you can find a key on one of the seats that unlocks East Wing 310 on Shoreline. As the name suggests, its a disused gas station, making it quite easy to spot. Powered by Invision Community. This is the southernmost area of the map. Construction is a two story concrete frame of a building. The Old Gas Station is a PMC-only Customs extraction point on the southern side of the map. When Reshala and his followers are dead, loot them as quickly as possible and get out of the area. Escape From Tarkov is a tactical first-person shooter with MMO type features as all players attempt to complete tasks as well as survive in Tarkov before taking . The Tarkov Shooter - Part 1. If you loot the scav, you can find the unknown key needed for a quest. Display as a link instead, Inside the trunk at the back of the car is a blue lootable jacket. Several filing cabinets should be looted as they can have a lot of excellent loose loot inside. Escape from Tarkov Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The second key needed is a storage key; it can be found on scavs or under the desk in the cabinet. Welcome to the world of market Vultures ). Crye Precision CPC plate carrier (Goons Edition), S&S Precision PlateFrame plate carrier (Goons Edition), Mystery Ranch NICE COMM 3 BVS frame system, LBT-1961A Load Bearing Chest Rig (Goons Edition), In the area between warehouse 17 and the repair shop. Your link has been automatically embedded. x 2 Chain with Prokill medallion. Can't let a perfectly good body armor go to waste. Youre in a world of hurt if you dont know the Customs map extraction points. Better armor will help protect you when they rush you. Be sure to watch your corners as you move to keep from getting surprised. A river bisects the map on the western end, separating the two sides of the map. The Dorm Room 114 Key can spawn inside the jacket when searched. New Gas Station is a building at the western side of the map, near the main road. On the western end of the construction site is warehouse 17. For the followers, you should carry grenades and wear tier 4 or better armor and a helmet with a visor. The locked rooms can have weapon crates, weapon safes, medbags, and a lot of other good loot that should not be passed up. Military checkpoint key - price monitoring, charts, price history, fee, crafts, barters Several quests lead to the dorms, and there is plenty of loot to be found in the area. Your previous content has been restored. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The first will be a cabinet key, which is found on dead scavs and in drawers. Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitter (SG-C10) is an item in Escape from Tarkov. Customs is one of Escape from Tarkov's most popular maps played, and for good reason. Occasionally Reshala and his followers will patrol this area. Look for the parked car inside an open gate in the woods behind the dorms building. High Quality Map with all the SCAV Sniper ad SCAV Spawn locations ZB-1013 or Stronghold is at the northern end of the map and features an unlockable extract, loot, and views of other locations such as crackhouse, construction, and the train crossing. The room in the upper level of Big Red requires a key that can be found on scavs, filing cabinets, or on the flea market. End item flea price. Wait, why aren't the soldiers speaking English? SG-C10. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Customs is one of the main industrial areas of Tarkov. blamwhocares Another Customs map extraction point thats easy to find and available to both PMCs and Scavs, RUAF Roadblock is located on the southern border of the map, just east of the large river. The guard room can have a weapon spawn, a weapon crate, and some ammo crates. Incessant warfare in Tarkov has sparked massive panic; the local population has fled the city, but those who stayed are looking to improve their fortunes at the expense of others. Grab one now to get a leg up on pesky Scavs and other players on the map. After choosing one of the sides USEC or BEAR the players character starts to make his way out of the city. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . Outside of the dorms in the parking lot are a few cars that can be looted. Before you can access it, you first need to ensure that the lever in Warehouse 4 is activated It's on the ground floor, and when you flip it, ZB-1013 will be listed as an active extrtaction point to all players. The ZB-1011 extraction point is located in the southeast corner of Customs, on the boiler area of the map. It can be reached through the shipping yards by heading towards the southeast corner. They can have some miscellaneous loot and duffel bags. To the east and west of the dorms are small campsites that should be looted if you get the chance. You can also use the grenades to kill the boss and his followers if they are in the hallways by lobbing them through windows and into the hallways past the dorm rooms. Inside the gas station is a back hallway, you will need two keys to open the doors. Customs is a location in Escape from Tarkov. The three-story dorm isnt too different from the two-story dorm. Inside the Checkpoint building there are two ammo boxes, a grenade box and a weapon rack that has a chance to spawn Assault Rifles.Military Checkpoint Key Location on Customs: 0:00Military Checkpoint location on Customs: 0:54If you liked the video, please consider leaving a like, subscribe if you want to see more Escape From Tarkov content in the future.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough.With each passing day the situation in the Norvinsk region grows more and more complicated. The room on the upper level also has a key for Shoreline. Used to trade for M-2 Tactical Sword that's worth 1mil+. Head into the basement and you can find a locked door to the extraction. This structure has a wide view of the river crossings and bridge. Restore formatting, A key to the military base checkpoint gatehouse. Its a straightforward extraction point available to PMCs only. 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South of the van is an abandoned train car with a side panel open, a duffle bag, and the key for dorm room 220 can spawn in the car. He spent his younger life studying the laws of physics, even going so far as to complete a PhD in the subject before video games stole his soul. Moving up to the dorms from the campsites can also let you get a good view of the buildings and any players or scavs nearby before entering the area. Even if you dont kill the followers with a grenade, you can still use it to flush them out of hiding places or herd them into a better position for you to fire on them. A lot of players like to jump on the roof of the storage buildings and use a scoped weapon to hit other players roaming the area, particularly players roaming around Big Red. This station can have some good miscellaneous loot, including a med bag. The industrial park is near the Factory and features a lot of important infrastructures, including fuel storage facilities, a freight train terminal, offices, dorms, and several unfinished structures. Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitter. Or is it more worth to get the M-2? The Smugglers Boat is a PMC-only extraction point located to the north of the east bank of the maps large river. There is a roadblock outside of the station that includes a bus. Wild Hearts Nodachi Build guide Best Nodachi build in Wild Hearts, Player utilizes Elevenlabs Voice AI to generate voice-acted quests in World of Warcraft, Match your Series X fridge with an upcoming Series S toaster. There is a grenade crate in the trunk of the white sedan that should be looted. Yo. Just east of construction is a gas station. Even if the filing cabinets seem tedious, the loot inside can at least be sold if not in some way useful. A free, community made, and open source ecosystem of Escape from Tarkov tools and guides. x 2 Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitter. The cabinet key will unlock the furthest door. The map is a confusing one, but weve highlighted all the, The final PMC extraction point is by far the most complicated exit. That quest isn't worth doing if all it gives you is a little rep when you are already at her max tier to buy from her. On the easternmost side of the map, there is a sniper across the main road in the wooded area just north of the extraction point on the eastern end of the road. Eliminate 5 Scavs while using a bolt-action rifle with iron sights from at least 40 meters away; The Tarkov Shooter - Part 5 . Customs Therapist Doom room 114 key Military Checkpoint . Scav 4 114 Key Room 114 21F . The unofficial Subreddit for Escape From Tarkov, a Hardcore FPS being created by Battlestate Games. East of the storage area is the main Customs area marked by the prominent warehouse called Big Red. Its located on a turning off the main road southeast of the large customs building. You might not be able to kill all of them, but you may be able to kill one or two of the followers, which can be a bit nasty. Ground Cache By Military Checkpoint Learn where to find all the Quixote Valley lost balls in Walkabout Mini Golf VR! Checkpoint. Tarkov Military base checkpoint key for Sale. On the roof is a weapon crate that can be looted. Inside the cabinet is a safe. . Inside Big Red itself is some loose loot as well as a safe and a weapons crate. The storage area has a lot of loose loot, including weapons, crates, and medicine like Salewa. Started Yesterday at 10:44 AM, By Tarkov.gg; Keys; Military base checkpoint key (Sniper Tower) $$$ Key Spawn Location: Customs: On the couch next to the dead Scav in the boiler warehouse building on the east side of the map. Theres a large truck next to a big blockade on the road. The Dorm Room 114 Key spawns by the Military Checkpoint on the east side of the Customs map. The eastern building is three stories tall while the western building is two stories tall. So I got the infamous Military Base Checkpoint Key from a player SCAV I killed and I don't know if it'd be smart to keep it or sell it for the whoppy 184K profit (Therapist). Reshala typically doesnt wear a lot of armor. The layout of the dorms allows you to reposition and change levels very easily. Before you can access it, you first need to ensure that the lever in Warehouse 4 is activated It's on the ground floor, and when you flip it, ZB-1013 will be listed as an active extrtaction point to all players. The storage area is on the westernmost region of the map. There is also a fair amount of good loot in the central buildings and from the boss. It seems they are just being bought up as soon as they are stocked. Therapist (21/08/05 28,350). It's found on the couch of the dead SCAV inside the South-East Warehouse near the extraction point. Grab what you want and get out, or you are probably going to get picked off by another player wanting to loot the boss. Started Monday at 02:25 PM, By A key to the military base checkpoint gatehouse. It won't be accessible in every game, so keep an eye for green flares lit in the area as you scope it out. Customs Military Base CP Extraction Location Tarkov. Nope, its worth a ton for a quest that is entirely optional and only gives you loyalty points with therapist. This map will help you to find where is Escape From Tarkov Customs Military Base CP Extract location. Much like ZB-1011, this Customs map extraction point is PMC-only. Should I just hand it to Therapist then? The sniper spawns just north of the fork in the road as part of the scav checkpoint on the eastern end of the map. Privacy Policy. New Gas Station is a building at the western side of the map, near the main road. You can also head in through the fence to get into construction, but that entrance isnt recommended. Four bridges cross the river, a makeshift bridge on the northern side of the river, the main bridge just south of the makeshift bridge, and two land bridges south of the main bridge. It wont be accessible in every game, so keep an eye for green flares lit in the area as you scope it out. Die Grasshopper suchen Dich..Ja genau Dich !. When you first enter the area, this is a van to the right where scavs can spawn, dead ahead is a pile of tires next to some sandbags. If it turns out to be a duplicate of one you already have, you can probably sell it on the flea market for a nice sum. Henry Stenhouse serves an eternal punishment as the Associate Editor of AllGamers. Cost of all components. Its a one-off, PMC-only extraction point that can take a maximum of four players. Escape from Tarkov - Customs Map Extractions - Military Base CP ExtractionEFT is an intense game and without an in-game map, it can be tough to know where yo. Military Base Checkpoint (SCAV) -This location is in the northeastern area of the map. You can learn the basics of the game thanks to its distribution of Scavs and the . This area is near a scav patrol and one of the sniper scavs. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. And the real reason why people do quest is for the kappa container not the rep. Used to trade for M-2 Tactical Sword that's worth 1mil+. There is a bathroom on the first floor with the door closed. This extract has a blue metal dumpster on either side of a fenced gate. NG . . Only 4 can be held in your PMC inventory at one time 1 needs to be found for the quest Trust Regain In Jackets In Drawers Pockets and bags of Scavs Sitting next to the Dead Scav on the couch in the boiler building on the east side of Customs. Just found one and as I understand it only opens the red tower on customs. Several of the dorm rooms are locked and require keys. This is one of the more straightforward routes out, without any requirements. Military Base Checkpoint Key at Jaeger not restocking? Two sniper scavs commonly spawn in the factory and warehouse area. This structure has a wide view of the river crossings and bridge. These blue buildings can have some loose loot. Be sure to check your available Extracts when you spawn in (or hit the O key to view the list) so that you can plan ahead. The construction site is heavily patrolled by scavs that can have some decent loot if you are willing to take on several of them. Escape From Tarkov Customs Points of Interest There is loose loot all along the main bridge in the abandoned cars and buildings on either end. The Scav extract Trailer Park Worker Shack is nearby, by the corner of the fence in the area with all the temporary buildings. Both of the bunkers are on the southern end of the shipping yard and act as extraction points. The map is divided into two sides, the Customs side to the west and the Boiler side to the east. You'll be able to do the quest only if you are level 10 or above and have completed the Painkiller quest. Upload or insert images from URL. No matter what, dont stop moving. February 6, 2020 in Game questions. Meet all the criteria and youll likely face little trouble getting out here. Rarely at the passage between Checkpoint and Sub-Station. Let us know in the comments below! On my channel you will find a variety of content like Escape From Tarkov Gameplay, Escape From Tarkov Help Guides, Escape From Tarkov Tips and more! Each building has numerous unlockable rooms and features multiple levels. Trust Regain is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov. Extraction for this map is pretty unique but very straight forward. Started 46 minutes ago, By There are some bushes in this area with a dead scav. The gas station also has four cash registers and a lot of good loose loot and medicine, but it is most notable as one of the spawn points for the boss of the map Reshala. If you enter the dorms, come prepared for close-quarters combat and PVP with a little mid-range combat. I have the quest. Railroad to Military Base (R3) Railroad to Port (R) Railroad to Tarkov (R2) Scav Checkpoint (S) Sniper Roadblock (N) Trailer Park Workers' Shack (I) Warehouse 17 (17) Warehouse 4 (4) Find out what the Escape From Tarkov best settings are if you're looking to improve your FPS and visibility. Tarkov is sealed off by UN and Russian military, supply chains are cut, communication with operational command is lost, and in these conditions everyone has to make his own choices of what to do and how to get out of the chaos-ridden metropolis.You can pre-order Escape From Tarkov here: http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This one wont be available in every game, however. He can be easily spotted because of the brown sweater he wears, which is a stark contrast to the rest of his followers. a military checkpoint key, two . Two-way Speaking Military COFDM wireless AV+data Signal Transmitter SG-C10. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Military checkpoint key (Checkpoint) is a Key in Escape from Tarkov. To the south of the main road are a shipping yard, factory, and the old gas station. 1 . One will be on top of the tall distillation towers that are inaccessible to players, and the other will be on top of a construction site across from warehouse 17.

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