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var cart; ) Dimensions are included to make one of the tricker parts of a guitar build a little easier. Cool. fn(); Our Otter Portable Router Table creates a stable and safe router base, Making a good template nearly guarantees you a predictable, professional result, A bearing-style router bit follows the template for a smooth edge thats clean and true, Check out our FREE peghead template pattern or design your own unique peghead shape. check() && code() : check() && (observer.disconnect(), code())); Dec 21, 2010 #4 4string Friend of Leo's var pv = document.querySelector('.js-product-variants, .js-cart, .js-products'); ); } The way that we're going to be mounting this router is we're going to be using the StewMac Otter Table. margin: 0 0 10px; If the edge is in front of you would want to rout from left to right, pushing against the rotation of the blade. var $orderSummary = $(this, virtual_dom).children(); @media (max-width: 1599px) { function monitorChangesByConditionAndRun(check, code, keepChecking = false) { padding: 20px;

  • var wait_for_currency = function() { Yes. Depending on your layout and printer and size of paper, you may end up with 2- 10 pages printed. align-items: flex-end; e.preventDefault(); Telesonic 90s Thinline American Series American Deluxe American Standard Nashville B-Bender US Fat. e => disconnect && observer.disconnect(), We use the returnUrl query parameter to determine if they're coming from checkout. margin-bottom: 30px; display: flex;
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      !$('#js-pdp-image-container').data('is-woodstax'), event = { var $spinner = $(this).find(".input-spinner"); subtree: true, is a participant in several affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. giftForm.find('input[name="cartType"]').val("Shopping"); This warranty is limited to replacement of StewMac products only and does not apply to other manufacturers' products sold by StewMac. ) && (code(), observer.disconnect()); The guitar blank must be at least 1-1/2 inches thick (40 mm). // observer try { css.innerHTML = '.limited_availability_wrap { color: #35f; padding-left: 1.5em; } .js-products .limited_availability_wrap { padding: 0.25rem 1rem; text-align: left; font-size: .85rem; padding-top: 0; } .limited_availability, .limited_availability_desc { font-weight: bold; } .limited_availability_desc { padding-top: 1rem; } @media (max-width: 767.99px) { .tmx-product-details .pdp-product-variant div.tmx-variant-spinner { margin-top: 0; } }'; .js-product-variants .mz-figure .mz-hint { justify-content: center; // 10s observer killswitch
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  • border-bottom: solid 1px #aaa; font-size: 19px; display: none; color: #333; to_price = (p.replace('$', '') * cE).toFixed(0) + '.00'; } var dv = el.getAttribute('data-variation-code'); $(".tmx-cart")[0] zoom_observer(); new_img.setAttribute('alt', img.getAttribute('alt') || ''); build_observer(function() { cursor: pointer; The limited warranty set forth above is exclusive. opacity: 1; Is it worth it? document.documentElement, { attributes: true, childList: true, subtree: true } if (document.querySelector('main > .tmx-pdp, main > .tmx-cart')) { build_observer(check, code, true, true, false);

    $oldContainer.remove(); var update_instock = function() { var observer = new MutationObserver(fn); padding: 10px; $(".tmx-footer-quick-links a[href='/customer-service/contact-us/']").click(function(e) { let addToCartSection = $(".tmx-pdp-buttons-container"); 50's Strat Template. let variantZoomStyle = document.createElement('style'); if (giftForm != undefined && giftForm.length > 0) { width: 0; zoom_observer(); 'Only '+avail+' i' : 'I')+'n stock, ready to ship! if (document.querySelector('main > .tmx-pdp, main > .tmx-cart')) { }); || canonical.startsWith('/parts-and-hardware/tuning-machines/') } var calculateTotalQuantity = function() { All templates available here are left intact with respect for the original publishers. Planning out the whole guitar and parts in scale will give a great understanding of where you are going and will in many cases point out potential problems that are much easier to solve on paper (or screen) than on wood. margin-bottom: 5px; } var wait_for_currency = function() { $('body').click(function(e) { .mz-expand .mz-figure img[src*=".svg"] { let trustSealImage = ``; observer.observe(document.documentElement, { let cssArray = []; } (15% off). ['click', 'touchstart'].forEach(function(s) { ACRYLIC LP CUSTOM HEADSTOCK TEMPLATE. }

      United States   |   English (US)   |   $ (USD). function check() { Creating a simple Martin style paddle shape certainly simplifies things.

    .msg-wrap p { border: solid 1px #ccc; These are all questions you would want to answer before cutting anything. // Check code }; To give you a faster and more personalized shopping experience, our site uses cookies, View All All Hardware + Parts by Instrument, View All WOODSTAX - Shop Tonewood by the Piece. } width: 500px; position: fixed; Watch the video to learn more.
    File:Gibson-headstock-LP.svg From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository File File history File usage on Commons File usage on other wikis Size of this PNG preview of this SVG file: 424 600 pixels. I'm going to call that good. check() && code(); .cart-slideout .cart .dsc { /*Stewmac Price Translation - Enter USD price to return value in user's preferred currency*/ if ($('.js-add-to-cart').is(':disabled')) return; "code": ($(this).data("variation-code")).toString(), 12. } 'src', data_srcset ? irishtele Tele-Meister. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. width: 100%; .cart-slideout .item .dsc { fn(); Adhere it to your template material before cutting and shaping your router template. let trustSealImage = ``; } } The secret is that I'm going to be making a template and working all the kinks out of this shape before I ever cut the peghead.
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  • vinyl blueprint. } catch (e) { If you want to use this one too you can click the link in the video description and we'll take you to where you can download a PDF that looks just like this and cut it out to make your template. return false; Acoustic Guitar. If you do want to keep it simple, put the pickup cavities and any other parts that are in the front on the front template and the back cavities on the back templates. USA.
    Fill out the requested information. `); function build_cart() {
    StewMAX ${isInternational ? $('.image-carousel img').first().attr('src') // fallback carousel img .cart-slideout .cart .btn-primary { || canonical.startsWith('/parts-and-hardware/tuning-machines/') I'm brushing to the edges to make sure that we don't have any corners pop up while we're standing and working. } } var cF = currencyFormat.value; } addStyling(); let position = "beforeend"; (40% off), Sale Price $1.08 observer.observe(document.documentElement, { line-height: 1; }; Free with trial. } catch (e) { FREE Aerosol Guitar Finishing CourseGet a pro quality finish on your next guitar! if (isTesting) console.log(event); StewMac makes no other warranties, express or implied, and StewMac expressly disclaims all other warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. }. font-size: 18px; All my templates are generated from CAD and saved as pdf files, with the intention to be printed out on an accurate printer. max-width: 100%; } } Some people draw the plans directly on the MDF. This document provides you with a true-to-scale pattern for a custom peghead. observer.observe(document.documentElement, {
    "quantity": ((isWoodStaxProduct || iStewMaxProduct) ? The same principals apply to routing the headstock and the neck itself. font-family: arial; ); height: 400px; cartContainer.addClass("cart-header"); } function zoom_observer() { let isTesting = typeof csTesting !== "undefined" || location.href.indexOf("testing=true") > -1; Download 1,254 Guitar Headstock Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! attributes: true, window.translatePrice = function(p) { e.append(new_img); new_img.setAttribute('data-zoom', 'true'); }); o.disconnect(); }; $69.00 Quick View. font-weight: normal; Many Luthiers prefer to only route the neck after you have the neck ready, to allow for a more accurate fit. height: 100px; }, true, false, false, document.querySelector('.js-product-variants')); So, I'm going to fasten this template pattern to the poplar. color: #000; back route.2 headstock styles, Ships free TorontoMusicGear (245) $35.21 FREE shipping 59 LP routing template. opacity: 1; text-decoration: underline; .cart-slideout .cart { childList: true, let styleElement = ``; Original Price $3.60 Our Story; Shop Templates; Customer Gallery; Contact; . The template should be closest to the router body/ table and then just press it to the template and follow along the edge. Dont see this option? 60's Strat Template. 10000 : timeout_killswitch $('body').append(` (function() { I'll be using some 80-grit. See more information .

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    observer.observe( if (document.querySelector('main > .tmx-pdp, main > .tmx-cart')) { document.querySelector('body').append(variantZoomStyle); .js-product-variants .mz-figure>img { var woodstax = document.querySelector('.tmx-product-details-woodstax > .row > .col-12.col-md-8.col-lg-6 > .ml-md-3 .mixAndSave'); ); } catch (e) {}; .msg-wrap b { } }, iStewMaxProduct = ! } font-weight: 600; Apr 10, 2009 #23 Engraver-60 Friend of Leo's Joined Jan 6, 2008 Posts 4,473 Age 70 Location Brentwood, TN Here's another link for some free guitar plans. $('#stewmax-learn-more').fadeIn(); new_img.setAttribute('title', img.getAttribute('title') || '');

    Additional fees still apply for hazardous material fees, and heavy weight items. The router bit we need here is a Flush Trim Bit AKA Template Copier. } }; You can download our PDF if you like this shape, or make your own shape up. e.addEventListener(s, function() { } The router bit is turning like a wheel.